If you visit PnP this morning you will notice an interesting pull- up banner next to the Smartshopper machines. And when you’re finished shopping your cashier is going to add one more comment to their requests. So apart from hearing them ask “Smartshopper”, and “Plastic” they will now be asking you to to “add R2”.

This is the latest fundraising drive for Makana Revive! which PnP will be running. Every R2 that is contributed will go directly towards helping Makana Revive! with their various projects around Grahamstown. The more visible projects include fixing potholes, clearing parks and pavements, and assisting with refuse removal. But there are others too.

So please contribute your R2 to your shopping at PnP. – those R2’s will add up quickly. 50 x R2 gives us R100 which fills a small pothole!

Thank you so much to PnP for driving this initiative – and lets see the citizens of Grahamstown supporting it by adding R2 every time they go shopping!