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The situation that motivated the launch of Makana Revive! continue to affect the lives of everyone in our community and so the Makana Revive! Trust has accepted the baton to work towards that change and it is a full-time job!

Makana Revive! has changed from being an association of concerned citizens as it was at its inception in 2017 and is now a registered Trust applying for status as a recognised public benefit organisation.  A Trust was established to afford additional comfort to our community.

Makana Revive! Trust remains an organisation of Makana citizens committed to improve the safety, health, security, sustainability and cleanliness of Grahamstown (Makhanda). Makana Revive uses money contributed by residents and organisations to improve and actually do things – from creating and promoting a sustainable environment, to addressing safety, security and the overall look of the city.

Makana Revive! needs all its citizens to help.

With your help Makana Revive! is working to make Grahamstown a better place for every single person

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Our Mission & Approach

Makana Revive! is an organisation comprising Makana citizens which raises and disburses funds to improve the safety, health, security, sustainability and cleanliness of Grahamstown. If you live, work or operate a business in Grahamstown (Makhanda) – you are an automatic Makana Revive! stakeholder.

Makana Revive! is involved in the upgrading, maintenance and provision of services to the citizens of Grahamstown (Makhanda). We are non-political and do not represent any particular interests. We do however maintain communication with civil society associations, as we do with government structures.

Most South African municipalities cannot deliver on their constitutional mandates and endless complaining won’t help either. Makana Revive! has NO political affiliation. Makana Revive! seeks cooperation and to work together with government structures to complement and assist in their mandates.


Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

Rands raises

In 2 years of operating Makana Revive! has raised money through corporate and private donations


Makana Revive! relies mostly on volunteers t help wiht various projects and to get actively involved.

Company Sponsors

Makana Revive! is actively supported by a number of Corporate and Business sponsors to assist them.

individual contributors

There are a large number of individual contributors who support Makana Revive with regular donations.

Potholes filled

One of our biggest ongoing projects is filling potholes and repairing road surfaces. You can help with regular donations.

CCTV cameras

CCTV Cameras have been erected in the CBD to nake the area safer for all our cicizens.

Refuse moved

Removing refuse and keeping the pavements clean remain an ongoing focus for Makana Revive!


Makana Revive! has been operating for 2 years and in that time has succeeded in many different areas.

How your money is managed

Very Very carefully! All activities (financial and operational) of the Trust are governed by a Trust Deed which legally binds Trustees to abide by the registered objective of the Trust.

Funds deposited by you into an account registered in the name of Makana Revive! Trust is audited by registered Chartered Accountants. This is your money and transparency and good governance is critical.

A Letter from the Chairman

Dear Grahamstown (Makhanda) business and resident friends,

Earlier in 2017, I had my house in Grahamstown (Makhanda) valued. I got a shock – it is worth 25% less today than what I paid nearly 5 years ago!

And when I phoned my CEO at head office to suggest we install a new production section (which creates jobs and wealth for the town), he told me it was too risky – the basic infrastructure in Grahamstown (Makhanda) like access roads, secure electricity supply and unemployment were getting worse. Just like the value of my house…the future didn’t look good.

Can you visualise what it would be like to have a safe, clean, secure town with streetlights that work, potholes filled and roads resurfaced?

Wouldn’t it be great if Grahamstown (Makhanda) could attract families who contribute and grow the economy? Imagine if businesses and professionals could invest in Makana because they felt this was the best place to be?

Can you imagine if your biggest asset could appreciate in value and all of your hard work paid off?

 Well, the good news is that this is now possible.
Makana Revive! Is here.

Ron Weissenberg

Ron Weissenberg – Chairman, Makana Revive!

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Makana Revive! Trust remains an organisation of Makana citizens committed to improve the safety, health, security, sustainability and cleanliness of Grahamstown (Makhanda).

Trustees: R Gaybba; W de Jager; C Mullins; M van Dyk; R Weissenberg

Makana Revive! Trust (IT000191/2018)

Bank Account: Makana Revive Trust; Standard Bank – Grahamstown
(050917); Acc: 283 154 012



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