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We are an organisation comprising Makana citizens which raises and disburses funds to improve the safety, health, security, sustainability and cleanliness of Grahamstown (Makhanda).

If you live, work or operate a business in Grahamstown (Makhanda) – you are an automatic Makana Revive! Stakeholder

How much do I contribute?

Contributions are completely voluntary – as much as you can afford please.

As a guide, if MAKANA REVIVE! was able to collect R100- per household per month and R500- per Grahamstown (Makhanda)  business, we would have sufficient money to consistently clean up the CBD, improve safety, paint and upgrade public facilities in the community.


Are you a parallel Municipality?
No, not at all – MAKANA REVIVE! has NO political affiliation. MAKANA REVIVE! seeks cooperation and to work together with the SAPS and government structures to complement and assist in their mandates.



Who decides how the money is spent?

The MAKANA REVIVE! Adjudicating Panel. The panel identifies projects which have urgency and positive impact. Contractors are invited to tender and the work is then approved.

The current panel has engineers, business people, an attorney, a chartered accountant with over 150 years of combined experience.

How are MAKANA REVIVE! funds managed?

Very, very carefully! Funds are deposited by you into a Trust account and auduted by  Chartered Accountants. This is community money and transparency and good governance is critical.

Are the panel members/committee paid?
No – they do this work voluntarily.
What does MAKANA REVIVE! do with the money collected?

We use the funds we raise to improve and actually fix things – from streetlights, sustainability, security, aesthetics, potholes and the overall look of the city.

How is Makana Revive! Different from other Residents/Business associations

Makana Revive! Is involved in the repair, maintenance and delivery of services to the citizens of Grahamstown (Makhanda). We are apolitical, do not represent any particular interests and are not a lobby or support group. We do however have close communication with civil society associations, as we do with government structures.

This is what the Muni is supposed to do! Do we still have to pay rates and taxes?s/Business associations
Yes you do according to the law and recent High Court judgements.
I am an emerging contractor – can I quote on work?
Yes, of course you can.

MAKANA REVIVE! encourages people of all backgrounds to become involved and supports emerging entrepreneurs, job creation and economic growth. Just please remember that there are experienced technical people adjudicating your work and work must be completed neatly, correctly and with guarantees where required.

Change is inevitable.
Change for the better is a full-time job

- Adlai E. Stevenson

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Makana Revive! Trust remains an organisation of Makana citizens committed to improve the safety, health, security, sustainability and cleanliness of Grahamstown (Makhanda).

Trustees: R Gaybba; W de Jager; C Mullins; M van Dyk; R Weissenberg

Makana Revive! Trust (IT000191/2018)

Bank Account: Makana Revive Trust; Standard Bank – Grahamstown
(050917); Acc: 283 154 012



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